Frequently Asked Questions

Reason #1 / Your fingers are too dry
Solution / Please rub or breathe on your fingers

Reason #2 / Your fingers are wet
Solution / Please wipe your fingers and fingerprint sensor dry

Reason #3 / The fingerprint sensor is not clean
Solution / Please clean the fingerprint sensor with a dry cloth

Reason #4 / Dirty fingerprints
Solution / Please clean the fingerprint sensor with a dry cloth

Reason #1 / Foreign objects in charging port
Solution / Please keep the charging port clean and dry

Reason #2 / Charging port is wet
Solution / Please allow the charging port to dry completely before use

Reason #3 / Charging end is not plugged into power source
Solution / Please check the charging supply

When your P.LOC runs out of power in a locked-state, please proceed to plug into the following for at least one (1) minute before resuming unlocking steps :

1) Wall power
2) Power bank

No you may not dismantle or open up your P.LOC by youself, as you will risk electrocuting or cause harm to yourself.

Only allow SUGAR certified and trained technicians to dismantle or open up the P.LOC for servicing.

Do not, under any circumstances, proceed to dismantle or open up your P.LOC as warranty will be voided in such event.

Yes, P.LOC is IP65 certified which means it has been tested to be :

1) Dust-proof (Protected from total dust ingress)
2) Rain-proof (Does not support immersion)
3) Spray-proof (Jet spray from any direction)
4) Rust-proof (Rated against salt water)
5) Working humidity / 5%~95% with no condensation

Yes, your P.LOC has been stress-tested in the following harsh testing environment :

1) Six sides fall from a consistent height of 2 meters
2) X-axis vibration for 30 minutes
3) Y-axis vibration for 30 minutes

Yes, your P.LOC has higher than normal standards of strength compared to traditional padlocks.

P.LOC has the following tested lock beam tensile resistance strength :

1) Vertical tension (>160kg)
2) Lateral tension (>200kg)

Your P.LOC has a built-in 260mA Lithium battery.

P.LOC is able to last a total of 180 days with an average of 5 unlocks per day.

*Actual battery life may vary and is subjected to the results of a variety of situations, including but not limited to :

1) Weather conditions
2) Humidity conditions
3) Placement position of P.LOC
4) Error rate of unlock
5) Total number of unlock events

Around 1.5hrs is needed to charge your P.LOC from empty to full.

It is recommended to perform a first charge sequence of 1.5hrs for your P.LOC before first use after purchase.

At SUGAR, we partner with only the best master craftsman of the particular field.

For P.LOC, we have partnered with a lock-manufacturer who has over 20 years of lock design and manufacturing experience. We have also partnered with a motor manufacturer who has over 15 years of design and manufacturing experience of motors for all levels of commercial and industrial use.

It is with such partnership in mind that we at SUGAR, firmly believe in the reliabiity and strength of our products.

We hope that after experiencing and using our products, you will be a firm believer of our brand, our innovation and the reliability that entails it.